Debbie Roberts
Debbie Roberts, L.M.T., Certified Personal Trainer, Post Rehab Specialist

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Debbie Roberts Seminars

Cervical Solutions ~ Using the ATM System & CranioCradle

CranioCradleJoin Debbie Roberts to learn how to blend the benefits of the innovative new CranioCradle with Debbie’s own signature Assessment, Treatment & Muscle Stabilization (ATM) Technique. As a massage therapist, personal trainer and group exercise leader for over 27 years, she designed this protocol specifically to aid those suffering from cervical spine strains and sprains.

Let Debbie show you how the easy-to-use CranioCradle enhances any therapy session, allowing your client to relax, relieve and restore before, during and after cervical sessions.

Suboccipital ExplanationStep #1 Assessment: Using the principles of her ATM System, Debbie will teach you to assess cervical spine injuries resulting from whiplash injury, car accidents, falls, sports-related injuries, and other traumatic events. This way you’ll know exactly which anterior and posterior muscles to treat with the CranioCradle.

Step#2 Treatment: In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn to treat using myofascial release, cupping, neuromuscular therapy and muscle energy, while incorporating the CranioCradle as your “extra set of hands.” You’ll discover how to use the CranioCradle for relief of neck tension, loss of range of motion, migraine headaches, TMJ, and even for the correction of poor posture.

Step #3 Muscle Stabilization: This is the missing finish piece ~ muscle stimulation for stabilization! Learn which muscles to activate for the best possible client outcomes.

What are the benefits of using the ATM CranioCradle Cervical Routine?

  • Understanding and treating whiplash injuries in amateur and pro sports clients can boost your business.
  • Assessment makes you more efficient in your treatment and gives you measurable outcomes.
  • Using the CranioCradle during treatment gives you an “extra set of hands” during sessions.
  • You’ll be able to treat over 20 different muscles in the cervical region.

About Debbie Roberts, LMT

Debbie Roberts, LMT is the innovator of the Assessment, Treatment & Muscle Stabilization (ATM) Technique. An international author and speaker, she’s the founder of Debbie Roberts Seminars, a CEU program providing continuing education for massage therapists and personal trainers who want to reach their full potential in their chosen fields. Certified though the National Board of Massage and the Florida Board of Massage, Debbie is best known for her unparalleled understanding of the anatomy of an injury and her focus on assessment and treatment plans designed to facilitate a client’s form and function.