Debbie Roberts
Debbie Roberts, L.M.T., Certified Personal Trainer, Post Rehab Specialist

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What students have to say...

-I feel more confident to treat my athletic clients & to teach them
different ways to stretch & improve
their workouts.

-So much info, but presented in a very useable & understandable way.

-The Roberts effectively teach a therapist new ways to aid clients as well as themselves to achieve better overall flexibility.

-Enjoyable way to learn w/helpful
hands on practice.

-I learned so many wonderful things…the class fulfilled my hopes, thank you.

-Debbie brings a wealth of info & experience & hands on, but as important as this is, I leave
inspired to create myself & my
practice to higher levels of integrity.

-Debbie is a fabulous teacher, very thorough & detailed, very patient.

-Debbie’s knowledge & experience is fascinating. I feel very lucky to have
had this experience- amazing, thank you. Nicola

-DR has the gift to present detailed material in such a way that is not only easier to understand, but also apply to our clients. Her knowledge of the body is amazing. Beth

-Debbie was very professional & thorough. She kept the class on schedule & covered all of the material
provided. I gained a lot of very useful knowledge & proper techniques. Rhonda

-This was like a masters program in Anatomy for MT’s. John

-Awesome class, I learned so much. Grace

-It is always a pleasure to meet & study w/such knowledgeable therapists; after 20+ yrs, I have met many. Debbie is exceptional! Patrick

-Debbie is awesome! Loretta


Debbie Roberts Seminars

Become A Certified Flexibility Coach &
Flow From Flexibility to Massage with Mastery

Glut StretchJoin Debbie Roberts for this transformational certification program that can improve client outcomes, save your hands and increase your overall earning potential! Debbie, a massage therapist, personal trainer and group exercise leader for over 27 years, has created this Flexibility Certificate Program to help you blend the benefits of flexibility with massage to maximize positive outcomes for your clients and for you.

In Debbie’s expert hands, you’ll discover how to incorporate flexibility into any massage routine. By effortlessly integrating PNF stretching, Muscle Energy for stretching, Active Isolated Stretching, and basic yoga postures into your sessions, you’ll add another layer of healing to your practice, setting you apart from other therapists.

What are some of the possible benefits of adding a flexibility program to your massage practice?

For the Client

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces muscle tension and pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves circulation and oxygen intake

For the Therapist

  • Expands your client base
  • Reduces stress on your body
  • Increases your income potential
  • Is a great self-help tool!

Quad Stretch

Flexibility Seminar GroupFor clients suffering from musculoskeletal dysfunction, the combination of stretching and massage can be key to recovery. You’ll learn to accurately assess clients for mobility or stability issues so that you can create customized flexibility programs to meet their specific needs. Mastery of this modality can aid in recovery from conditions like head, neck and back pain; shoulder or hip bursitis; IT band syndrome; and even poor posture.

This program instructs you on how and when to stretch your clients, plus how to use stretching as a therapeutic tool when clients are too sensitive to tolerate hands-on myofascial techniques. This modality greatly enhances your appeal to amateur and pro athletes in the fields of golf, baseball, tennis, football, volleyball, etc. Another Benefit: When you leave this workshop, you’ll be qualified to lead small group flexibility classes. This not only directly enhances your earning ability, it also introduces potential new massage clients to your practice.

About Debbie Roberts, LMT

Debbie Roberts, LMT is the innovator of the Assessment, Treatment & Muscle Stabilization (ATM) Technique. An international author and speaker, she’s the founder of Debbie Roberts Seminars, a CEU program providing continuing education for massage therapists and personal trainers who want to reach their full potential in their chosen fields. Certified though the National Board of Massage and the Florida Board of Massage, Debbie is best known for her unparalleled understanding of the anatomy of an injury and her focus on assessment and treatment plans designed to facilitate a client’s form and function.