Debbie Roberts
Debbie Roberts, L.M.T., Certified Personal Trainer, Post Rehab Specialist

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What students have to say...

-I truly enjoyed the thoroughness & education of this workshop. I cannot wait to utilize the info w/clients. Donna

-After 19 yrs of practicing massage, I can now properly assess my client’s problems & then treat them more effectively. Abby

-I have been practicing MT for 30 yrs & am cert’d in over 20 different modalities; this course is an 11 on scale of 1-10.Fabulous. Jeanne

-Debbie was an excellent presenter & I will definitely attend more of her classes. Traci


Debbie Roberts Seminars

Golfability ~ Get Your Clients Back In the Swing:
Treating Golf Injuries & Imprecision from Spa to Green

Resisted ObliquesJoin Debbie Roberts for a highly effective presentation on one of her favorite topics “Golfability”. Debbie, a personal trainer and exercise leader for over 27 years, is a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (Medical Level 3) and a C.H.E.K. Golf & Lifestyle Coach Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Add in Debbie’s passion for golf and bustling golf clientele, and in her expert hands you’ll learn to make Golfability a major income booster for your business. Debbie will teach you how to assess your client’s golf techniques and customize a program to help literally anyone play golf at a higher level.

Golf is a game of quiet frustration for so many people who, despite investing thousands of dollars in clubs, accessories and even lessons, just can’t seem to improve their game. Lots of people will try every tip of the week in their favorite golf magazine without realizing that generic guidelines don’t address their specific needs.

So what would it mean to YOUR clients if you could take the guesswork out of golf?

  • Increased Rotation
  • Increased Distance
  • Increased Power
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased Balance
  • Improved Agility
  • Decreased Risk of Injuries
  • A Better Game of Golf

With Debbie’s expert help, you’ll learn…

  • How proper assessment guarantees a corrective exercise program that’s tailored to your client’s needs.
  • How muscular imbalance effects clubface alignment, swing path, angle of attack, speed and posture.
  • Corrective functional exercises designed to restore balance, mobility and stability for your client.
  • How to integrate the golfer’s whole body into their conditioning program without the use of machines.
  • How to create an easy to follow program for your client that can be done in a just few minutes a day.

About Debbie Roberts, LMT

Debbie Roberts, LMT is the innovator of the Assessment, Treatment & Muscle Stabilization (ATM) Technique. An international author and speaker, she’s the founder of Debbie Roberts Seminars, a CEU program providing continuing education for massage therapists and personal trainers who want to reach their full potential in their chosen fields. Certified though the National Board of Massage and the Florida Board of Massage, Debbie is best known for her unparalleled understanding of the anatomy of an injury and her focus on assessment and treatment plans designed to facilitate a client’s form and function.