Debbie Roberts
Debbie Roberts, L.M.T., Certified Personal Trainer, Post Rehab Specialist

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What students have to say...

-Debbie explains everything very well & will re-explain differently if u do not get it the 1st time. Being able to feel & practice all that was learned helped me to remember it.

-Debbie is a fabulous teacher, very thorough & detailed, very patient.

-It is always a pleasure to meet & study w/such knowledgeable therapists; after 20+ yrs, I have met many. Debbie is exceptional! Patrick


Debbie Roberts Seminars

The ATM System Puts the “Fun” in Correcting Shoulder Dysfunction

Join Debbie Roberts for a high-energy presentation on her signature Assessment, Treatment & Muscle Stabilization (ATM) Technique that puts the “fun” in correcting shoulder dysfunction. Debbie, a personal trainer and group exercise leader for over 27 years, created this 3-part signature system to help therapists hone their skills in assessment, multiple treatment modalities, and ~ the missing finish piece ~ muscle stimulation.

In Debbie’s expert hands, you’ll learn to assess repetitive motion injuries resulting from participation in sports such as baseball, golf and tennis, as well as occupational activities common among house painters, office workers, hair dressers, nail technicians and even moms. In her workshops, Debbie covers a wide range of injuries including shoulder impingement, bursitis, shoulder tendonitis, and supraspinatus partial tears. You’ll leave this presentation with immediate assessment tools you can add to your practice the very next day!

Debbie’s motto: “If you don’t assess you simply guess.”

Step #1 Assessment: Learn assessment protocols for the upper extremity.

Step # 2 Treatment: This is a hands-on workshop treating with myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, muscle energy and contrast therapy.

Step #3 Muscle Stabilization: This is the best part! Based on steps #1 and #2, you’ll learn which muscles to activate for the best possible outcome for your client.

How can the ATM System make YOU a better therapist?

  • Assessment makes you more efficient in your treatment, thereby lessening the stress on your body.
  • Proper treatment after assessment means better results for your clients.
  • Knowing if the client has a mobility or stability problem lets you know exactly when and how to use muscle stimulation as a treatment protocol ~ so it’s fail-proof.
  • Assessment lets you track progress so you and your client know that the treatments are working!

About Debbie Roberts, LMT

Debbie Roberts, LMT is the innovator of the Assessment, Treatment & Muscle Stabilization (ATM) Technique. An international author and speaker, she’s the founder of Debbie Roberts Seminars, a CEU program providing continuing education for massage therapists and personal trainers who want to reach their full potential in their chosen fields. Certified though the National Board of Massage and the Florida Board of Massage, Debbie is best known for her unparalleled understanding of the anatomy of an injury and her focus on assessment and treatment plans designed to facilitate a client’s form and function.

Resource for palpation skills

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