Debbie Roberts
Debbie Roberts, L.M.T., Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Post Rehab Specialist

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Debbie Roberts Seminars

Debbie Roberts, Innovator of the ATM System and

Massage and Movement Academy

The ATM SYSTEMcervical massage
What is the ATM System: A system created that helps bridge the gap between massage therapy, personal training, pre and post rehabilitation skills. It is a 3-part system to help the massage therapist, personal trainer, physical therapy assistant, and other medical professionals improve their skills in assessment, multiple treatment modalities and then the importance of Muscle Stabilization. Each seminar contains special Orthopedic Assessments, Manual Muscle Testing, Neuromuscular Therapy, Medical Massage, Myofascial Release and Stabilization Principles unique to the subject or region being addressed.


Massage & Movement Academy
Massage and Movement Academy certifies you as a Personal Trainer, Flexibility Coach, Medical Massage Practitioner, and/or a Rotational Specialist. Find immediate downloadable information helpful to the new or experienced practitioner. 

Learner Objectives
Become an even better Clinical Medical Massage Therapist!
The students will be able to assess an injury by using a screening for functional movement.
Participants will be able to apply Manual Muscle testing to determine the extent of a muscular imbalance.
Participants will assess joint range of motion for more objective findings.
The students will learn to read an MRI report

In addition, students will be able to describe how eccentric, concentric, proprioception, and dynamic stability have effects on muscle tissue when overloaded during a sports injury. 
They will be able to understand which muscles play an important role in the mobility and stability of the joint being overloaded.

As a result of participation in these seminars, students will have an understanding of when to apply Medical Massage, trigger point therapy, PNF combined with active isolated stretching, hot stones, Massage Cupping for myofascial release and isometrics to help with the rehabilitation of an injury. 

The students will be able to describe the principles of rehabilitation and their role in the treatment of injuries.

The learning environment is limited to 20 students.  This allows for plenty of personal questions and hands on time with the instructor. 

WHO CAN TAKE THE COURSES? These courses are appropriate for the new Massage Therapist that wants longevity in the field. For the seasoned Massage Therapist that never learned to assess properly or develop skills in Medical Massage. The Sports Massage Therapist that wants to be more accurate with their treatment plans.

The physical therapy assistant that wants more working knowledge of how to help a patient in chronic pain.

An occupational therapist that needs more hands-on skills and better working knowledge of Manual Muscle Testing. And the Personal Trainer who desires to increase their knowledge in Applied Kinesiology, Movement Screens, Joint Motion Breakdowns, and a better understanding of how training the fascia is the key to exercise success.

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